Compassion Practices (free audio downloads)

We are grateful to our compassion trainers for allowing us to offer the wonderful practices below for you to play or download. Please note that the timings for each MP3 track are approximations. If you wish to just play the track, please just click on the name of the practice. If you wish to download a track, however, right click on the track and choose “save link as.”

Although the compassion practices are all free of charge, please consider making a donation that will help us make mindfulness-based approaches more accessible.

Frits Koster practices:

The Horse Whisperer (Frits Koster, 19 mins)

Kindness Meditation (Frits Koster, 22 mins)

Colette Power practices:

Giving and Receiving Compassion (Colette Power, 16 mins)

Affectionate Breathing (Colette Power, 21 mins)

Erik van den Brink practices:

Breathing Space With Kindness (Erik van den Brink, 6 mins)

Breathing Space With Compassion (Erik van den Brink, 6 mins)

A Safe Place (Erik van den Brink, 14 mins)

A Compassionate Companion (Erik van den Brink, 16 mins)

Zoe Shobbrook-Fisher practices:

Affectionate Breathing Meditation (Zoe Shobbrook-Fisher, 12 mins)

The Self-Compassion Break (Zoe Shobbrook-Fisher, 5 mins)

Ali Lambie practices:

A Self-Compassion Break (Ali Lambie, 7 mins)

Compassionate Body Scan (Ali Lambie, 25 mins)

Loving Kindness for a Loved One (Ali Lambie, 20 mins)